Advanced Search

Tweet Cabinet’s 1.41 update features a complete overhaul to the search mechanism. Regular searches like “apples” and “oranges” still work as expected, retrieving tweets with “apples” or “oranges” respectively in their body. More complex searches can be constructed using the new Search Operators. 

Search Operators are + (and), - (without), / (or) and ~ (near). “~” can be typed by holding shift and pressing the button straight to the left of the ‘1’ key on US keyboards. You can also substitute a comma ‘,’ for the ‘and’ operator, instead of plus. 

Searching for “apples + oranges” will retrieve tweets with both “apples” and “oranges” in their body. Searching for “apples - oranges” will retrieve tweets that contain the word “apples” and at the same time exclude the word “oranges”. Searching for “apples / oranges” will retrieve tweets containing the word “apples”, “oranges” or both. Searching for “apples ~ oranges” will retrieve tweets containing the word “apples” near the word “oranges”. The Near operator also accepts an optional “word distance” - searching for “apples ~6 oranges” will retrieve tweets with the word “apples” at most 6 words apart from “oranges” - that way you can specify how near is “near”. 

Search operators can also be grouped using parentheses. A search for “apples + (oranges / bananas)” will retrieve tweets containing the words “apples” and “oranges” or the words “apples” and “bananas”.

The new search mechanism is also significantly faster than the previous one, sometimes by a factor of a million. There is a required data update that will take place the first time you launch Tweet Cabinet after updating to version 1.41 - it will only happen on first launch and may take an extended amount of time (on the order of hours) depending on the number of tweets you have archived, but future launches won’t suffer from that delay. 

As always, comments and feedback are welcome: @SheriefFarouk or sherief ‘dot’ personal ‘at’ gmail ‘dot’ com.


"Add to Tweet Cabinet" Bookmarklet

Just drag the link below to your Bookmarks bar then click it whenever you’re viewing a user’s profile / tweet on twitter.com to add them to Tweet Cabinet. 

Add to Tweet Cabinet


Frequently Asked Questions

1) I get a “Twitter Rate Exhausted message” when I attempt to refresh

Twitter limits the number of times tweets can be accessed. Tweet Cabinet will try to refresh every few minutes while it’s open, so if you leave it open long enough it will eventually catch up with the latest tweets. 

2) I have an idea for a feature

See below for details on how to contact me.

If that doesn’t answer your question, send me an email at sherief ‘dot’ personal ‘at’ gmail ‘dot’ com, or mention me on Twitter: @SheriefFarouk